Terri Jackson

“When Praises Go Up, Blessings Come Down!” The Lord has given Terri Jackson the gift of song and everyday of her life is spent singing His praises!

Terri, a native of Memphis, TN has had the opportunity to sing praises and train singers in the Lord’s church for over 25 years. During this time, Terri was always encouraged by family and friends to record a solo CD project. After singing for and working with various artists on their projects, her debut CD entitled “Finally” is complete. When asked, why did it take so long, Terri simply states, “everything in its season.”

Terri’s anointed vocals and the technical savvy of one of the up and coming producers, Gerald Burnett of G-Note Productions in Dallas, Texas, have birthed a musical masterpiece. Acappella gospel is Terri’s love and she feels that the entire world should have the opportunity to hear what she has been blessed to do with the human voice.

Terri has had the opportunity to sing with professional singers as well as those that work tirelessly in this craft. She has done vocals on a movie soundtrack with the Kelly Herd Production Company in Dallas, Texas, various local live productions in Dallas, weddings, funerals and civic events. When auditioning for BET “Sunday’s Best” judges were blown away by her anointed vocals as well as her humble spirit. At the age of five, Terri sang to the neighbors in her South Memphis community. They always listened in amazement and told her she was gifted and a true talent!

Terri gives thanks always to the Lord, her family, church families, and close friends for encouraging her in all endeavors. Terri gives thanks to all who have supported her over the years and wants everyone to receive a blessing when listening to her CD.

She simply states, “I am blessed and highly favored!”

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